LBS Tuition Breakdown/Questions

There two ways to pay tuition at LBS, by Trimester or Monthly payments


Q: How do I know whether I pay by Trimester or Month?
A: Students who attend class once a week pay tuition by the Trimester. Students who attend two or more classes per week pay a monthly tuition.

Q: How long is a Trimester?
A: A Trimester runs 12-13 weeks. There are 3 Trimesters within the school year.

Q: How do I know what my Trimester payment is?
A: All Trimester payment amounts can be found on the registration form.

Q: When is my Trimester payment due?
A: Payments are due one week from the new Trimesters start date.

Q: Am I automatically signed up for a new Trimester?
A: No, each Trimester is individual. If you would like to continue into the new Trimester the staff will need to be notified. If the staff is not notified that you would like to return by the payment due date your spot will be considered available for new students.

Q: How do I figure out my monthly tuition?
A: Monthly tuition is customized to each dancer; tuition is based on the number of hours a dancer attends each month. When looking at the brochure (or class schedule since we won’t have a “brochure” online) each class has a number of points next to the time slot, total up the number of points you have for all of your classes, multiply that number by the coordinated rate provided on the registration form. That number will be your monthly tuition amount for the school year.

Q: When is my monthly tuition due?
A: Monthly tuition is due on the 23rd of the preceding month.

Q: Is there a late fee?
A: A late fee of $20.00 is applied to your account 10 days after the payment due date. This is not negotiable and no exceptions.

Q: Can I change my class schedule at any point within the school year?
A: Yes, we understand that everyone has busy, changing schedules. If you need to adjust your class schedule at any point please see the staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: Yes, there is a one time fee of $20.00 per school year. A $30.00 flat fee for families with more than 1 dancer registered at one time.

Q: Is there a discounted rate for siblings?
A: Yes, a 10% discount is applied for siblings.

Q: How can I pay?
A: LBS accepts Mastercard, Visa, Cash, and Checks. All checks payable to Lebanon Ballet School

Q: Can I have LBS charge my credit card automatically?
A: All monthly students can arrange for automatic payment. See registration forms to sign up. Trimester students need to notify the staff to charge a card for a new Trimester.




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