Class Descriptions and Requirements for Summer Dance 


Dance attire and equipment for Ballet Intensives


Girls: Leotard – 2 is recommended, convertible pink tights 2 pairs is recommended, leather ballet slippers,
pointe slippers, character skirt and shoes

Boys: White t-shirts – 2 is recommended, black tights, leather ballet slippers, jazz shoes

All: water bottle, towel and mat.

Community Open Classes
Ballet for Teens & Adults, Intermediate Level & Up. Class will include a pilates based warmup and stretches then ballet technique at the barre and center. Dancers younger than 13 with ballet experience welcome are with permission of the LBS staff. $15.00 per class.Contemporary Dance for Teens and Adults is open to all ability levels, borrows from ballet, jazz and, modern dance styles. This class uses strong controlled leg work, floor work, improving flexibility and strengthening core muscles. Modifications allow students to work at their own level of comfort. This class is a good class to stretch and strengthen tired muscles between high impact classes. $15.00 per class.
Important Information

Class placement is at the discretion of the teaching staff.

Drop Off/Pick Up: The studio doors will be open one 1/2 hour before classes are to begin and will remain open until 15 minutes AFTER the last class of the day. Staff members are not responsible for students after that 15 minutes is up.

Credits: A request for partial credit must be accompanied by a comprehensive doctor’s report in order to be considered. Credits will only be considered for withdrawal due to injury or illness. Credit requests after May 22, 2015, and before the start date of your session will not be considered. Credits will not be larger than 50% of the tuition paid on or before May 22, 2015. Credits will be applied to your account to use for Open Summer Classes or toward tuition in the 2015-16 school year at LBS. NO REFUND requests will be honored.

Payments are for the full week regardless of the number of days you attend. Individual classes (Ballet & Musical Theater Only) are $15.00 per class and by permission of the LBS staff.



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